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Due to the increasing environmental attention, it's extremely difficult to operate modern dustcollection systems without monitoring the emission levels. The disadvantage with most controlsystems is their sensitivity to dirt and the high costlevel for maintenance. FIKTECH supplies Tribo-electric sensors which are accurate, robust, simply to mount and maintain, and affordable!

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Function - Operating principle

The Residual Dust controller FRE 06 is a highly sensitive system for continuous, triboelectric in-situ filter monitoring. The qualitative monitoring of the exhaust gas is done hereby. The measuring gas is measured triboelectricly in the exhaust gas flow by means of the probe rod. The signal resulting from the derived current is a degree of the exhaust gas’ dust content. The micro controller integrated inside of the control unit produces a dust proportional signal which is provided as 4 - 20 mA – signal. This signal may be displayed in the PLC- or SCADAsystem and registered in graphics. The FRE 06 senses particles in air- and gasflows starting at a particle size of 0,1 micron @ 0,01 mg/Nm3.


In case of contacting 2 solid bodies by friction or touching an electrical charge transfer is caused. The charge difference arises due to the exchange of electrons by atoms on the surfaces. So a boundary layer with positive and negative surface charge within a very low molecular distance from each other is formed. This charge difference, also called charge fluctuation, is the base for triboelectric dust meters which use the charge exchange between measuring probe and nearby streaming or direct impacting dust particles. The triboelectric signal depends on the mechanical and electric properties of the dusts.

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Features & Benefits FRE06

  • Residual Dust & filtermonitoring in one device
  • Easy monitoring of dustcollectors
    • Defect filtercartridges/ elements
    • Detection of broken diaphragm valves
  • Robust, reliable, accurate
  • Minimal maintenance required, easy inspection & cleaning
  • No flush-air required like optical systems
  • ATEX-executions available (Probe - zone 20 / Elektronics - zone 22)


  • Dustcontrol filters / installations
  • Gascleaning
  • Monitoring of unrefined gas

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